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  Private Lessons Policies  

Payment Policy


The invoice will be sent out within the last 2 weeks of the previous month so that payment can be collected during the first week of every month. The payment will cover the entire month, and a receipt can be issued to you electronically (via email) or hard copy (given the week after). 

Cheques and e-transfers are accepted form of payment.

Lesson Cancellation Policy


Parents and students are allowed to cancel up to 3 lessons during the school year without any charges made or credit will be transferred to the next month. Please provide a 24 hr notice. After the 3 lessons allotted are used up, parents/students will be charged for missed lessons. If a make-up lesson is possible within the teacher's schedule then the teacher will schedule a make up lesson with the parents/students. Please note that the make-up lessons are not guaranteed.


Illnesses are not included in the 3 lessons. Illnesses will not be charged and will not count as one of the 3 lessons allotted to the families. A minimum 24 hr notice is appreciated. For more information please refer to the PDF document below.

3-allotted Lesson Policy (PDF)
*click on icon to Download

No-Show Policy


If teachers show up to teach, and no one is at home for the lesson (without any prior notice), this lesson will still be charged. 

Parents/students must give a 24hr notice to avoid this charge.

Termination Policy


If parents and students wish to terminate the lessons, please plan for a 2-week notice. Emergency termination will not require a 2-week notice.

Parents/students may choose not to be present at these lessons, however, the lessons will still be charged.

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