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Frequently Asked Questions

What form of payment do you accept?

E-transferred (send to: or cheques (mailed in). Payments must be received before the start of the first class in order to secure your spot in class. 

Are masks a requirement for this class?

Since the COVID vaccination is not available to children under 5, adults are required to wear a mask during class. Children are not required to wear masks.

Can we reserve our spot before registration opens?

Unfortunately you cannot. Registration is on a first come first serve basis. Please note that class size is limited to 10 children per class (siblings under 10 months are not included in the class size).


How many weeks will the program run for?

Typically each program will run between 8-10 weeks. In the summer, it is a shorter session and will only run for 6 weeks. Dates are shown on the main page.

How long is each class?

Starting in the SUMMER 2022 session, classes are returning back to 45mins per class.

Do we need to bring anything to class?

COVID safety precautions are still in place, and so we ask families to bring their own instruments. These can be hand made (fun little art session with you and your kids), or bought. We ask that families bring the following main instruments each class: shakers, sticks, scarves, and any other free-play instruments.

If we need to miss a class, can we do a make up class?

As long as the class has space, you are more than welcome to do a make up class at any of our locations (Burnaby or Vancouver). Please email first, so we can make sure there is space for you and your child.


Will we get a refund if we miss any classes?

Unfortunately, refunds are not available for any classes you miss during the session. Make up classes are possible if there is enough space in the class (if there is room in the class). Please contact me to see if there are any availabilities. Make up classes must be made during the session, and will not transfer over to any future sessions.

What if we don't think the class is a good fit for our family? Can we drop out of the class and receive a refund?

If you would like to drop out of the class with a pro-rated refund (please check the terms & conditions page for more information), you must send in a written notice (ie: email or letter).


After the first two weeks, you may receive a partial refund for however many classes are leftover (minus a $55 administration fee).

You are more than welcomed to sign up for a FREE DEMO CLASS to try it out and see if this program is suitable for you and your family! **Only available if there are spaces in class as we are trying to limit the amount of people who attend the class as a COVID safety precaution.

Are there any virtual classes?

At this point in time, virtual classes are not offered.

What do you use to sanitize your instruments?

I use: Seventh Generation Disinfectant Cleaner or Benefect Disinfectant

Are we allowed to bring grandparents/aunts/uncles/friends to the class?

Unfortunately during these COVID times, we are limiting the amount of adults that attend the class. Only one adult may accompany each child that comes to class (ie: If you have two children, you are allowed to bring two adults to class).

 Can my child wear shoes in the class? 

Children are more than welcomed to wear indoor slippers/footsies. Outdoor shoes (sneakers, etc.) are not allowed to be worn in class. This is to minimize any opportunities for injuries. ADULTS must also take their shoes off during class. 

Is their room for my stroller?

Yes! There is an unattended reception area downstairs. You are more than welcomed to leave your stroller there, and bring your purse/bags upstairs! The front door is locked when the reception area is unattended.

What locations do you offer this program at?

I am currently offering this program at two locations. Little Words Studio (203-3355 North Road, Burnaby, BC  V3J 1H9) and Vancouver at the Jewish Community Centre of Greater Vancouver (950 W 41st Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Z 2N7).

Is my child allowed to eat in class?

I kindly ask that parents step outside or use the downstairs reception area if your child would like a little snack. This is to prevent a distraction to the other children in the class. Water is definitely allowed during the class, so please feel free to bring a water bottle for you and your child!

If there are any other questions you may have about the program, please feel free to send me an email.

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