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My Mission:  

To inspire a love for music, & to freely express yourself 


Music Together®

Get ready to sing and dance with your child in this family fun music class! Kids ranging from 0-5 years old can be enrolled in this program to learn many different musical genres in an informal setting.

Spring 2024 Collection: Triangle Collection

SUMMER Registration:

Monday June 17, 2024
@ 9:00pm


Nadia, HART

Jacqueline LESCHUCK
 - Parent - 

I thank you again for meeting her where she is and allowing her to express herself through music. You do this so beautifully with acceptance and encouragement!

- Student - 

Thank you so much for helping me with my test and working so hard with me. I hope you have a great summer!

Nadia HART

 - Parent - 

We absolutely love Brenda!!!!

Sylvia YOUNG

 - Parent  -

Words cannot express how glad we are that God blessed us with you! You are very precious to us and are never allowed to move or leave us. =P

Call now for any questions

(604) 764-8221

From private music lessons in the comfort of your own home, I will strive to bring the love of music into the student's life! I believe music is a freely expressed form of art that students can carry on for a lifetime.

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